You see the problem, we see the solution!

Recycled plastic, an alternative.

Economically viable

  • Our solutions offer controlled and competitive costing
  • Recycled plastics do not depend on variations in the price of oil
  • Future regulations will be more costly to follow if they are implemented at the last minute

Strategically sound

  • Preparing for new regulations which can be complex for companies
  • Being a step ahead knowing the materials of tomorrow
  • Committing to an eco-responsible policy and adapting company dynamics to consumers’ expectations

Environmentally sustainable

  • Plastics are recycled 100%
  • Short cycle solutions in Belgium and France
  • Using sources of unused materials which pollute
  • No longer exploiting the world’s fossil resources


recycled materials


Your non-recovered production scrap


Your complex waste

A virtuous circle

Our processes

Our formulation, mechanical extrusion and filtration techniques have enabled CREAGIF to develop and produce an alternative, ready-to-use range.


Our recycled materials have many potential applications and provide ideal solutions in many fields.


CRÉAGIF, a company specializing in the production and recovery of recycled materials.


  • Créagif News

    Créagif fait peau neuve ! Ce nouveau site est l’espace dédié à la vie de l’entreprise. Des procédés de fabrication en passant par les applications techniques, vous y retrouverez toutes les innovations et actualités du secteur !