Créagif, who we are

CREAGIF Eco Concept offers recycled plastic materials, either standard
or customized to comply with the requirement specifications of plastics processors, injectors
or extruders.

We also satisfy increasing demand from companies who use finished products and want to adopt a policy of responsible production.

Formulation and mechanical extrusion are the technical processes CREAGIF Eco Concept uses to develop, produce and market a range of finished, ready-to-use products.

Our story

The adventure began in 2006 with Creagif Biopolymer, whose work at that time was entirely focused on research into bio-sourced materials. The market developed and so did the research.

Every great project starts with a great encounter. Creagif Eco Concept is no exception, and began in 2015 when the three founders of our adventure crossed paths, bringing together a researcher (Dr Florent Girard), a marketeer (Vincent Hermay), and an investor.

All 3 share both passion and pragmatism:
they belong to a generation which recognizes the issues facing our society and decided to bring their respective areas of professional expertise to this ambitious idea with all the discipline needed to make it a meaningful business project.

So Creagif Eco Concept was born, based on the respective scientific contribution, commercial skills and business vision brought to the company by the three founders.

Our activity

Trading in granules of recycled plastics, tailor-made formulation and production, recovery of production trimmings, treatment of complex waste…..

Creagif Eco Concept is a key player in the field of very high quality new plastic materials.
Its involvement in all stages of the recovery chain of post-industrial scraps enables it to ensure complete trackability of its products and to guarantee their quality.

Having started out with a Belgian partner, Creagif Eco Concept is now developing its activities in France with a view to ensuring appropriate short cycles for its activities and adding environmental value to its products.

Creagif Eco Concept is situated at the heart of a dense and dynamic network of research centers and competitiveness clusters, and is developing with them on a daily basis.

Thanks to its in-house laboratory, Creagif Eco Concept is able to conduct its own research which enables it to offer tailor-made formulations in order to meet the needs of its clients and their applications as precisely as possible.

Our strengths

  • Our ability to adapt to your requirement specification thanks to our in-house expertise.
  • Being part of a network of researchers and companies at the cutting edge of recycled plastics technologies.
  • Trackability of our material flows.
  • Access to testing laboratories (resistance, conductivity, zero VOCs…) to ensure optimal quality at all times..
  • The drive of an innovative company operating in the markets of tomorrow.
  • An approach continually geared to R&D.

The team

Florent GIRARD

Technique & Process

An expert in materials whose know-how is internationally renowned.

Élisabeth MARTEL

Management Assistant

Jean-Baptiste NIGER

Administration Manager