Our Processes

Mechanical recycling

Our recycled plastics, referred to as 2nd generation, are obtained by means of mechanical extrusion.
Creagif Eco Concept takes responsibility from the outset of the process by undertaking sourcing of materials and all stages of processing in order to produce granules guaranteed to be of the required quality.

Selection and recovery of materials

There are two categories of source for plastic to be recycled:

Recovery of production scraps, can be reliably traced and are simple to re-use.

Depending on the original source, it is thus quite possible to produce a 2nd generation bio-sourced plastic,
starting for example from industrial scraps based on maize starch.

Plastics placed in recycle bins by the general public (in France, yellow bags).

This source is more complicated to re-use and is thus for the most part sent abroad for treatment.
Creagif Eco Concept is investing in this area in order to create a local recovery and re-use sector.
This source is used to a large extent to determine which 2nd generation plastics to produce.
We select from this source according to your requirement specifications and we can then ensure trackability.

And we could even do your sourcing for you by recycling
your own trimmings into new materials which can be used
in your production chains!

Preparing the shreds

Once the plastics have been collected, the first stage to be carried out is shredding,
washing and separation by air flow of the different shreds according to their composition.
The material is now ready to be extruded.


The shreds (small pieces of plastic 1-3mm long) are mechanically extruded in order to obtain granules of a size and shape which are standardized for use on our clients’ machines.

The different types of granules are actually the result of an overall process which is decided upon when the material to be recycled is selected. This is why, in order to achieve the perfect granule for your project, we take responsibility for every stage, and especially the upstream stages, in order to establish with you which solution best meets your requirement specification.